Reserved: Saltwater Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

Saltwater is one cool bar and restaurant that has bragging rights over most others in Nottingham. That’s because it’s the only place in the city that has a rooftop terrace – perfect for those sunny days when you want to chill outside with a drink or some food and be at one with the elements. The view from there is picturesque and shows that while Nottingham might look like a bit of an architectural mish-mash from the ground, from above its historical heritage really shines through.

It’s not hard to get to this venue with the esteemed roof terrace; it’s based right in the city centre within entertainment complex The Cornerhouse. Just breeze up two flights of escalators and voilà you’re there.

Just breeze up Cornerhouse escalators and you're there

Inside the décor is stylish with polished wood being a prominent feature. At the entrance large leather sofas and low tables pave the way to the bar area, where freshly made cocktails can be ordered. The cocktail menu, called The Cocktail Playlist, takes on a musical theme and separates drinks into sections such as ‘Nu Skool’, ‘Remixes’ and ‘Acoustic’.

Any fans of Sailor Jerry might be delighted to know that there is a whole day dedicated to the spiced rum! Thursdays is Saltwater’s Sailor Jerry day and cocktails, doubles and pitchers are on special offer.  The drinks themselves hit all the right spots and made with the care and precision of professional hands (yes I’ve been watching them like a hawk).

The best thing about Saltwater is the atmosphere. Its sophisticated style infused with a welcoming and chilled out atmosphere makes it a relaxing place to go.

At the weekends the vibe is amplified as live DJs regularly play against a gorgeous backdrop of Nottingham at night. No wonder The Guardian has named it number one in a top ten of best dancefloors in the UK.


About the author

Mary Ann Pickford is a final year Print Journalism student at Nottingham Trent University and is the Editor-in-Chief of Platform magazine. Follow her on Twitter @maryannpickford.

Image credits: Creative Commons, Saltwater

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