Love for Liverpool

Come to Liverpool and you may expect to hear a lot of Beatles records over and over again, a sea of Red and Blue football shirts, a night-life of fashion more suited for July than December, Scouse House and the cast of Hollyoaks. And you will. And it’s brilliant. But there’s something else, too…

Juxtaposed next to the birthplace one of British dance music’s most iconic institutions, a large sweaty warehouse of raving and good times most notable for Cream, sits the delightful and cute Mello Mello.

Dressed in vintage decor and furniture, Mello Mello is Liverpool’s slice of leftfield performing arts and general hotspot for wonderful fashions, new music and chilled-out drinking sessions.

In the afternoon, five late-teens will sit playing role-playing games of battles gone by. On the next table, a drama group will burst into character at any time, trying a number of the herbal teas and scrumptious cakes on offer. And a gentleman with a pocket watch, 1950s suit and a brilliantly carved moustache which reeks of genius will read today’s The Guardian.

As darkness falls, Mello Mello slowly transforms into a hub of activity, with nights from comedy, to jazz, and late-night DJ sets. The beer and spirits flow at pace and the buzz produces a community atmosphere likened to a village fete.

Tucked away amongst the ever-building sites of the city centre is The Egg, a vegetarian and vegan cafe on the top floor of an old Victorian building.

Once you’ve climbed the aging staircase to the cafe, The Egg is a burst of colour, relaxation and bohemia, offering daily, a variety of dishes at reasonable prices. It’s a fantastic hang-out for a full course meal, or just a cup of tea and a natter.


The Egg’s walls come complete with new art on a regular basis, with exhibition openings and a diverse clientele from Goths to artists and musicians.

Snuggled around three miles out of the city centre in the district of Aigburth, is a street of suburban intrigue. Lark Lane is a high street of fancy wine bars, average pubs, delectable cake shops, dodgy takeaways, gift and book shops and suave restaurants, leading down from the picturesque and green Grade II listed Sefton Park.

Lark Lane, which plays host to a local Farmer’s Market on the fourth Saturday of every month, can have both the feeling of a small community but with the visitors from the big city a constant distraction.

The Amorous Cat independent book shop is a haven for the book worm. Here you’ll find, in no particular order, books old and new; many relating to Merseyside of old, and the city’s array of celebrities, musicians and sports stars down the years. The shop also hosts regular book groups, a chance to meet and discuss the inner workings of author’s minds.

Books, books and more books

Keith’s wine bar can be likened to an old fashioned establishment you may find around the streets of Victoria or Pimlico in London of old. Keith’s has a soakable atmosphere, bringing together families and the area’s collection of young professionals, with a range of quality drinks and fine food. The street’s resident poet laureate can often be found drifting around the tables – he’ll offer you your own limerick or sonnet for a fiver.

Liverpool’s bohemia stretches far beyond a couple of city centre establishments. Alternative shopping centres, spontaneous events, travelling folk tales and easy-going vibes reverberate across the water to the Wirral, and around Merseyside. The trick is to spot them amongst the fast energy and vibrancy of the rest of the city.

About the author

Max Munton is a 24-year-old entrepreneur living and working in Liverpool. He graduated with a degree in Popular Music from The University of Liverpool in 2008 and now runs the popular unofficial Liverpool Football Club website, Max has has worked for both BBC and BSkyB, is obsessed with the Glastonbury Festival and won The Guardian newspaper’s Under-18 blogger of the year award in 2003. He used the money from the award to explore East Africa.

Image credit: Creative Commons

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