(Re)Invention in Durham

Although Durham may not be known as a mecca for trendy bars and restaurants, this picturesque town is fast becoming one with its disproportionately high rate of business reinvention – the lacklustre restaurant down the street is now a margarita bar; the oily Jane’s Chippie has been converted into a gorgeous, indie café boasting some of the best coffee I have ever tasted; and now, a cheap women’s wear store has become one of Durham’s newest, and best, bars – Osbournes. Osbournes is part of a slow tide of transformation that has been sweeping this city.


Tucked away down a cobbled alley lit with a netting of fairy lights, Osbournes is regularly packed to the rafters on Friday and Saturday nights.  Full of exposed brick walls and wonderfully worn wooden beams, it’s no wonder this bar is already an enormous hit.  It’s still fairly unusual here to find a place to get a drink without being bombarded by Ke$ha’s latest single, or partly blinded by overzealous strobe lights, and Osbournes provides the perfect respite to this Top 40 mania.  The drinks menu is studded with a number of usual suspects, but I fully recommend branching out from your regular standby to try their Jamaican Mule – I’m a big lover of anything ginger beer related.


For those among you who prefer a bit of a quieter atmosphere, Bandwagon (Durham’s go-to source of acoustic entertainment) hosts a night on Wednesdays that always provides a real moment of relaxation.  Durham regulars like the very talented George O’Brien and Bandwagon head honcho Johnnie Middleton can often be found performing on this night, and it’s a great excuse to get out of your house away from work and take a moment to listen to some good music while enjoying some good libations.


Osbournes is located just off Elvet Bridge, and is open from 5pm.


About the author

Rachel Bailin is currently studying at Durham University and is the Fashion editor at Durham’s student newspaper, the Palatinate.


Image credit: Panoramio

2 Responses to “(Re)Invention in Durham”
  1. Hi I work for a bar company in Leeds, and we are opening our next bar on the 23rd June, the bar is called SoBe, formerly a bar in Leeds city centre called Boutique, i was wondering if you wanted to do anything with us for the launch and aiding your product??

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