Birmingham Bar Guide

Knowing a good nearby watering hole is a must for any city, especially when we don’t quite have the climate to match South Beach, Miami. So when the weather plays up, you can dive into a beautiful bar confident of the perfectly poured pint or mixed cocktail. To this end, we have resident bar dweller- James Reevell checking out some of the hottest bars in Brum (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it!)

First up is the staple bar of the city, Island Bar. Flaunting its array of award-winning cocktails, Island Bar combines kitsch appeal with affordable drinks. Climb the stairs to the second floor Tiki Bar and grab yourself a teapot of cocktails to share. If you’re feeling particularly brave try one of their notorious Zombies (Warning: may lead to embarrassing dancing involving Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and the end of whatever date you are on).

Next, grab your favourite leather jacket and some Ramones attitude and head down to the Sunflower Lounge, the indie kids’ bar of choice. With classic films shown all day, table football and live DJs always ready to throw on the Stooges, Saturday night at Sunflower Lounge is a sight to behold.

If a slightly more sedate drink is your thing then you could do worse than Bacchus, a faux gothic bar hidden away under New Street. An ominous doorway conceals a medieval drinking hall, complete with suits of armor, enormous mirrors and the largest arm chairs you will ever see. Perfect for secluding yourself when a quiet evening of conversation with friends is required.

For the well-heeled bar fly, (or poverty-stricken impostor such as myself) The Vaults is an unmissable haunt. A reconditioned underground jewellery vault in the city’s Jewellery Quarter with hidden alcoves for groups to hide themselves away from the world in. Be sure to ask one of the friendly staff to make you a delicious personalised cocktail. The Vaults is a real hidden gem in the city, the one flaw being that the prices of drinks haven’t changed much from the jewels it used to stock.

About the author

James Reevell is a Birmingham based culture writer and is the co-curator of EXYZT graffiti art gallery. Approaches culture like a kid approaches sweets, is easily distracted and is normally found in a bar talking rubbish. Follow him on @JamesReevell.

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