Cirque du Soir – Nursery Rhymes


“Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Cirque du Soir!” – If you hear those words you know that you have achieved the impossible: entry to one of the London’s hottest clubs. Strictly members only, you’d better be on the guest list or at least pretending to be to get in.

So why go to the trouble?! Because it’s definitely worth it! Once you are inside this exclusive venue, expect a night full of enjoyment, entertainment and craziness. Every party has a different theme and the club always hosts acrobats, fire-eater, artists and magicians that dress up in spectacular costumes. Our night’s theme was  “Nursery Rhymes” and I found myself dancing next to a wolf, a half-moon and a big punk baby while watching the acrobats twisting their bodies right on the bar. If you want to fit in, let the nice lady in the basement paint you an ornament using body paint so you look the part when taking pictures with the different characters.

Located on New Burlington Street in fancy Mayfair, this club impresses with a baroque style interior that makes you feel like you’re in a boudoir. On the street level the crowd seems to be more mature, however, venture down to the basement and you will find a lot of young people. From reality stars like Frederik Ferrier (“Made in Chelsea”), whom we spotted tonight, to famous business men, models and musicians you will find that this club gathers a lot of attractive people into one room.

Since precedence is given to people with a table, it is worth spending some extra money to fully enjoy the evening’s performances. Make sure you get a table upstairs, where the party is slightly hotter than in the basement. Although the bar upstairs only offers bottles, you can still get an individual drink downstairs for a decent price: long drinks are around £10.

So be prepared and get ready for a night at the circus.


About the author

Anastasia Albert is currently studying Politics and Communication at  the London School of Economics. At the LSE, Anastasia writes for the student newspaper “The Beaver” and is a frequent contributor to POLIS – a journalism think tank at the LSE Media and Communications Department.

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