Do’s and Don’ts for a great Summer


1)       Get out of England

 Oh sun, where art thou? English weather has been one colossal disappointment for June and July, so play it safe and flee to lands of guaranteed sun. You don’t even have to go far – the eurotunnel from Folkestone to Calais is a short and sweet 25 minutes into the country of vin rouge, brie and baguettes. Why not?

2)        Be adventurous

Say yes to as many opportunities as you can – you never know what excitement it could lead to. Make it an aim to try one new thing– whether its kite surfing in Greece, a wine tasting trip in Valencia or a yoga course in Thailand, find something you’ve always fancied and go for it.

3)        Take photos

If you haven’t already got a digital camera, invest in one for your summer to catch those special, easily losable moments. Photos are wonderful to show off when you get home to England too.

 4)  Treat yourself guilt free

Summer is generally the season when we look and feel our best, so don’t feel overly guilty for treating yourself to some new clothes, or some beauty pampering before you jet off- and during your holiday.



1)       Lie-in too much

You’ll end up missing out on the summer and spending it in bed, which is where we spend approximately a third of our lives anyway- get up and see the world.

2)       Get burnt

It’s great to come back with a tan, but to return to English plains in a vibrant shade of lobster is very unbecoming-and painful. Too much sun can also give you sunstroke, so play it safe with plenty of suncream.

3)       Overspend ridiculously

 It’s important to treat yourself in the summery months- but if you overspend so much you have to eat beans on toast until Christmas, it’s not worth it. Keep a sneaky eye on the bank balance when cash gets low.

 4)       Get the Great British Blues

After a great holiday, it’s only natural to feel a bit low when you get back onto rainy British soil. But smile, be happy and get back to busy life – and keep the holiday photos nearby for emergency pick-me-ups…



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