SoBe recommends….Top 5 Summer Tracks


To celebrate the return of our favourite season, we’ve scoured our old CD collection and interrogated the charts to bring you our recommendations for the perfect summer soundtrack. Some are old and some are new but include any or all of these hot summer hits on your playlist and while away those languid afternoons with a little ear candy;


1)      Bryan Adams – Summer of ‘69

This summer anthem, guaranteed to get even the most slovenly revellers singing and playing air guitar, was released in 1985. It showcases Bryan Adams at his best – with a penchant for stone-washed jeans and sleeveless leather.


2)      DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime

Turn the clock back to 1991 when a young Will Smith was dominating the TV channels as a fresh-faced newly-minted sitcom actor and the rapping cohort of DJ Jazzy Jeff. This summer jam defies the laws of ageing as every year, as the thermometer hits 25°C, The Fresh Prince makes his annual appearance across radio stations up and down the country.


3)      Outkast – Ms. Jackson

This whole new style of hip-hop raided the chart and could be heard ringing out from every car and every back garden throughout 2001. The American hip-hop duo showed their soft side as they rapped, not about bling, bitches or money, but about how sorry they were to their “baby’s momma’s momma”. How gentlemanly!


4)      Don Henley – The Boys of Summer

Summer wouldn’t be summer without this song. Fact. The crooning tones of Don Henley as he innocently discusses his plan for a summer of love barged into the charts as a hit in 1984. In 2002, DJ Sammy jumped on the band wagon – putting a dance spin on the original track and making a number 2 UK hit in the meanwhile.


5)      Sisqo – Thong Song

Admittedly, this is a novelty inclusion. But one cannot deny that in its heyday this song was pretty awesome. It may have forced Sisqo into hiding since, but anyone who can make a hit glorifying the “thong” deserves a place in our Top 5.


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