Edinburgh Fringe Festival

It is easy to feel like a very small fish in an oceanic pond as a punter at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The streets are over spilling with festival goers being accosted by flyers at every step, while performing artists crowd the famous Royal Mile showcasing snippets of their shows. Now, in its 65th year, the Fringe remains the largest arts festival in the world with more than 2,500 shows, including more than 930 comedy shows. The comedy capital of the Fringe is undoubtedly the Pleasance Courtyard, where stand-up, sketch and improv can be found in abundance at pretty much any hour of the day.


 Idiots of Ants

The sell-out 2010 sketch group returns for another successful year with their brand new show ‘Model Citizens’. Witty, playful, and entertaining, show highlights from ‘The Idiots’ include a noisy experiment in an air music studio, a run-in with a bee from a hive (complete with an inflatable bee costume) and a swingers party that doesn’t go entirely to plan…


 The Noise Next Door

If you enjoy improv comedy, The Noise Next Door are top of their game. 5 boys clad in plain black shirts and each wielding a different coloured tie perform a whirlwind of improvised songs, sketches and jokes, using suggestions from the audience – as wild and imaginative as you like. Their energy is contagious and every show is different, making ‘The Noise Next Door’ a real joy to behold.


The Boy with Tape on His Face

A totally original one-man show, ‘The Boy’ speaks not a single word during his one hour show with a singular strip of black tape across his mouth. He relies upon interaction with the audience, comical eye movements, innovative use of coloured scotch tape and physical comedy to create some hilarious laugh-out-loud moments. A particularly memorable sketch sees ‘The boy’ constructing a Michael Jackson figure out of a pair of shoes and guide three audience members into a ‘Blame it on the Boogie’ dance routine. His one man impersonation of a couple romantically dancing to Lady in Red is equally comical. The Boy with Tape really has to be seen to be believed.

All shows play in the Pleasance Courtyard until 29th August 2011

By Rozzy Unwin.

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